October 19, 2008

October 02, 2008

Teaching, doing, being...

Seti's ready for the cold - are you? I'm not.

Sigh - I've been out of the loop, behind on work and posts this month. I went through 3 art fairs 3 weekends in a row in dark weather and the scariest of economic times, but the people still came. that was good.

Come see a new batch of my work over at Your Arts Desire in Minnetonka, MN. they are about to launch a new web site so keep your browsers out for that.

Whew - so what a first month of school.
At the Minneapolis College of Art and Design - 3 classes
teaching 2 - 3D foundation courses (wood, welding, furniture, sculpture etc...), and another about "Futures, Society and you" - which is really cool.
Orientation to Art and Design over at the College of Visual Arts
All the classes are cool and the kids even better. Although i feel myself aging before their eyes and never been so tired in my life.
Then I've got a family-day that I'm team teaching with my father in October at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and of course, more awesome Science museum classes ahead.

The faculty show at MCAD just came down. A new start / direction for my biological work - talking about depleted Uranium and it's affects on not only birds (indicator species) -but also children born with deformities who live in these war torn areas and also to Vets of these wars being fought. Yes - there are PEOPLE in my art. most exciting.

Well - almost as exciting as meeting Mr. President.