December 29, 2010

My slide show for the Allan's -- 2010

Yes - as per-usual.  I had to make my parents a slide show of my work accomplished this year.
I did not build buildings, go to Disney world, save the world with a web site, win any awards, get a new job, nope
I had a hard hard year
a tough one. 

Best thing I did this year was get Oppy. 

oh well - you be the judge.  Suzy Martin always asks about these slide shows - so I like to give the people what they want.

Important note about where I stole images from to best express some of the more dramatic moments of this year - I took them from my favorite blog
THEY ARE NOT MINE.  I'm a jerk thief. 
oh - and all the people drawings - are actually from the blog  Hyperbole and a Half  by Allie Brosh - she kept me smiling during the tough parts of this year - I wanted to both thank her, use her amazing, images and then make certain that I gave her credit after seeing this very intimidating copyright button.

Check her work out:

My drawings are the ones of fish.
I really like fish

anyway - here's the slide show for this year.
I can't believe I'm assigned homework over the holidays. 

Next year - I'm just going to present my best accomplishment of this year - my facebook internet collection of Jesus riding dinosaurs

here's 2010