August 14, 2010

Good bye Vickers- the world is really going to lack interest without you

I can't believe it - I can't bear it

I'd like to say it's getting easier (this is written Oct 7, 2010) - but it's not

Paul's mom sent me this:

really great and I hope to save it when I can afford an upgraded version of Quicktime

 This one Linda sent to me and I really enjoy it:

what I'm thinking about is Vickers stories

here's some of his web presence

even better (written on 8/16/10) - Vick - you would LOVE what people are saying about you - you are so loved - you bastard gringo you.  :)  from one bastard child to another - cheers

Radio show dedicated to you:
via sappy drippy me, and your sappy drippy loving friends

8/18/2010 Dart Gun Radio

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Owed to Vickers
like what you heard? he was so amazing. here are some links to find his work
Vickers: get to know him:

Halo of Flies - How does it Feel to Feel
album: Music for Insect Minds; label: Amphetamine Reptile
Motorhead - Ace of Spades
album: Ace of Spades; label: Profile
Deuce and a Quarter - Big Rig
album: Big Rig Ep; label: self released
Deuce and a Quarter - Absorbing the Head of a Fly
album: 5 track ep; label: Toxic Rainbow Media
the Pogues - If I should Fall from the Grace of God
album: If I should Fall from the Grace of God; label: Island
Sinead O' Connor - Haunted
album: Various Artists: Emerald Rock; label: dfjsdkfjsfk
Gringo - Hotel Alamo Acoustic e/ Drums
album: Gringo's Album; label: Self Released
Paul Lyon - BurningTire Fire Final 6
album: single; label: self released
Nick Cave and the Bad Seed - The good son
album: the good son; label: fdskfdlskflds;l
Roy Orbinson - I'm Hurtin'
album: In Dreams; label: Rhino
Roy Orbinson - In Dreams
album: In Dreams; label: Rhino
Django Reinhardt - Ain't Missbehavin'
album: the very best of; label: sdfksjldkjks
Betty Boop - My man's on the Make
album: at the movies; label: fkdsjkljfskl
Bob Dylan - Don't think Twice
album: Greatest hits; label: CBS
Big Black - Racer X
album: Racer X; label: Man's Ruin
Tom Waits - Just the Right Bullets
album: the Black Rider; label: Asyllum
johnn Cash and Bob dylan - Girl from the North Country
album: Nashville Skyline; label: Columbia
Tom Waits - Franks Theme
album: Frank's Wild Years; label: dfksjdlk
Black Flag - Thirsty and Miserable
album: Damaged; label: SST
Black Flag - Gimme Gimme Gimme
album: Everything Went Black; label: SST
Black Flag - Rise Above
album: Damaged; label: SST
Macabre - Fishtales
album: Sinister Slaughter; label: fdjsfslkjlk
Ennio Morricone - II Buono, II Brutto, II Cattivo:
album: Un Ora Con Ennio Morricone; label: dfjkdsjfdksjf
Julee Cruise - Falling
album: Floating into the Night; label: sdjfjsdkfjskl
Gun Club - Ghost on the Highway
album: Love like fire; label: sdfsjjjdfks
Bronze - Dead Greaser
album: the last of the Americans; label: self released
Vickers Bastard Patrick Soriano - You can't make films inhell
album: Welcome to new york Fucker; label: self released
Greg Ginn - Short Fuse
album: Getting Even; label: SST
Greg Ginn - you dirty Rat
album: Dick; label: SST
Deuce and a Quarter - Ugly Man
album: Big Rig Ep; label: self released
Shangri-Las - Leader of the Pack
album: THE BEST OF the Shangri- las; label: jfksjdkljl
Deuce and a Quarter - Ii snorted my father to gerry from paul
album: ep; label: self released
the Scientists - when fate Deals its mortal blow
album: Sedition; label: ATP

another blog wrote:  found at   :

The Passing of Vicker Gringo

The Checkerboard Kids is primarily a ska program. I have to really believe in a band to have a band that is not ska on. Thus was the case with the innovative band The Deuce and a Quarter headed up by artist, animator, actor and general raconteur Vickers "Bastard" Gringo (Paul Vickers Lyon) I met Vickers about 1995, a kid with green hair and big ideas about music and life. I was happy to reconnect with him in 2009 and have the band on Checkerboard Kids. Upon my return from Canada yesterday I received a call from The Deuce drummer, Jerry who told me after the Gig they played on Saturday, Vickers passed away in his sleep. Wow. I'm still processing this but while I'm sitting around scratching my head. Lets never forget the music that he and his bandmates loved so much. My sincerest sympathies go out to his friends, family, girlfriend, and especially Jerry, Patrick, Adam and the entire network of The Deuce and a Quarter who were just putting the finishing touches on a new release. I'm sure Vickers would have wanted that music in the hands of the people. Rest in peace, Vickers. Thank you for everything.

Patrick B. wrote:
"I know Paul used to like Motorhead a...nd the singer of Volbeat always reminds me of Paul's voice. I can't think of any specific songs. It blows my mind how clearly I remember some stuff at Alfred, as if it were just last year, and Paul always stood out as one of the most unique and interesting people I knew. He just had a way of inspiring people because no matter what anyone thought of him or his music, he did what he wanted to do. He stood for what he believed in and didn't give a fuck what people said. I always admired that about him. It's really haunting when I think about his leaving, because he was Vickers....he's just know he's doing something cool no matter where he was. "

John A wrote
"Paul-- I just got the news today and am really having a hard time processing this. You are such a good friend- one of the most inspiring people I have ever had the privilege to know. You taught me so much! Whenever we'd spend time together it was always utterly rewarding. I'll always remember you, my friend. Thank you so much."

Here are some clips:

I just need a place to visit him......  I hope other people send stories too.
I'll be adding more over time

Vicker's actor's reel

Vickers in "Thirsty and Miserable" - Hatebreed cover

strange dating interview

Duce and quarter box set

D & 1/4 - 10year anniversary


I snorted my father video