December 29, 2011

what i'm really good at is rabble rousing

It's come to me that the only thing I'm really good at is getting people whipped up about things they thought they didn't care about, or perhaps don't even need to care about.

this leaves me being good at one of the following:

1.  Politics
2.  Religion
3. Education.

For many reasons we can be thankful that I chose #3 - but the real reason i did was because I wanted the job where I could say "I don't know, what do you think?, lets figure this out together"

and that is why it really is the best job for me.

night night

November 07, 2011

bad art day

i;m trying to draw a beta fish.... and it's not good.... not good at all. looks like a picture of bat man's naughty bits. fail fail fail... or the best drawing EVER.... humm and then I wonder why i'll never win the Jerome. What artist will never "emerge" this one!

October 30, 2011


please universe.  I need a little more time please.  please.  make me naturally rejuvinate, not sleep, work faster, smarter, and oh oh, I really need some exercise.  this is not a wish to loose my job, become a fugitive, or a death wish...  i just really really would love to freeze time and get a little work done.  that's all.  small wish universe.  small wish

And what the hell is that red mark on my cheek?  Been there for weeks.  so weird.  nervous it's getting better.  I'm getting deformed.. i just know it.  more than i am