February 27, 2010

More blood of my mother-father work



Women and Water Show at MCAD

All these frogs are going to be dissolved - one a day.  Talking about how our environment can pick us apart and lead to  our Genetic Destruction.




the Blood of our Mothers and Fathers' series.




my favorite studio helper - Dobermans are the best dog ever! (*in my world)

Who helped me teach this week and last. Working on her manners - needs to fart less in public - but how could you not love this woman's best friend.  Diamonds got nothin' on my baby!
Next time someone says that Dobermans' are mean - please send them this picture.
loviest babies in the world

we are looking to get her a friend so she stops getting sad when I get busy in the studio.  If you hear of any doberman looking for a home - please let me know!

Foot in the Door sculptural piece at the MIA

One piece out of 4,500 works of MN art.
A little older piece - but quite an honer to see it into a huge museum like this.  Fingers crossed for good things to come of it!

the Seed project

February 25, 2010

happy day

it's my day - this song is stuck in my head.
Thank you mom!

February 21, 2010

Seed Project in Progress for the Anoka show

the Seeds in Greenwear


and my little helpers