October 30, 2010

don't feed it or drink it after midnight

no makeup or photo shop  included

needed disjointed jaw

don't mess with the glisireen queen

October 25, 2010

another year - another Jerome rejection

so - since i was 18..... minus the 2 years in grad school.......

only one more reason to get better for next year
here;s what i'm working on:

October 22, 2010

HERE FISHHY FISHHY FISHY - and let me draw you

so once I'm done grading and doing normal domestic things - like trying to find a new couch to replace the one Seti exploded on after her surgery.  (extra expensive surgery)

well - i get a moment to draw.

and I look like hell when i do it.
i really do

lately - i just look like hell

i got hit with the ugly stick
here's the art

October 11, 2010

finished wall....... mostly cleaned

I took a lot of pictures with new friends with me and a toothbrush cleaning tiles