March 15, 2009

Best day Ever!!!!!!

Today we got a behind the scenes tour with Pete Lee from KFAI noteriety. Does the Monday show from 3pm - 6pm - "Bop Street" - just amazing. ( <-- out shows are archived). He also happens to work at the Como Zoo and gave me one of the most memorable moments of my life. Life changing. I ... I just feel the biology art work i do now means more to me than ever. Penguins are going extinct, Orangutans have only 10 years of existance left on this Earth if we keep taking out their habitiat at the rate we have - and that's out closest genetic relative... think of what we do to each other though... Yet, after watching the Orangatangs care for each other - like this Mother here about to kiss her baby's little ouch on his arm:
We have the potentail to do - and be - so much better!

Today I got into the "Art Biologic" show in the LIMNER GALLERY
123 Warren St., Hudson, NY 12534
518-828-2343 ~

with this peice:

........ I've wanted to be in this show forever... but after my adventure today - I feel like there are so many more pressing issues... something super important... like if we lost this opportunity to experience this.

What a wonderful day!

Thank you so much to Pete for letting us go on this big adventure. Thank you to Allison, Ben and Brett for accompaning me and being just as impressed and exictied. For once i didn't have to be hyper excited alone.

best day ever.

March 01, 2009

In memory of my beloved & passed Mr. Crumpled.

This is my new work - since they are discontinuing those amazing red glazes... i felt like I was going to faint... I spent a ridiculous amount of money this week buying up all the red glaze I could find. It's forcing me to think it's time to do more sculptures. Big, small, just sculpture sculpture, and Drawing.

Let me know what you think