June 27, 2009

One of those days.

WHOAH! Crazy teaching week! I taught scientific illustration and the working world definitely got my labor's worth - but I think it was worth it. Look at these great illustrations done by 9 year olds from observation!

YES! I taught them to draw, see with their eyes, and to trust and love the right brain. the kids are totally obsessed with right and left brain now.

I even got a thank you note an jewelry some girls made for me. totally lovely, and look at those great finder lines drawn in to draw the face and their impression of me. I wish I had freckles, so they gave me some.

Amazing drawings done by 9 year olds - and although the week was stressful (95 degree temps) and little kids do not mix, they feel those temps so much more than older people do.
In the end it was worth it

So as you can see - at the end of the week I looked TOTALLY beat, but still found some energy to paint some frogs for my and Ben's up coming show at Gallery 13. We've got a lot of space to fill, I have a few orders, another teaching gig next week and the Cannon Valley work to do, so busy is the word..

but today - I feel weary
kinda feeling sick to my stomach - warm and cold at the same time, and my head elsewhere.
feels like your chest feels the next day after a night of whole hearted crying.
I started to think about Kira when I was working. I think about her and Ted a lot. Friends that i was maybe more haunted by their art work both in their living years than I'd ever want to admit. Makes me not want to like friends work sometimes - bad luck you know.

when I make work, I do it with them in mind. Making work because of the talented people I knew who would totally be mad at me if I wasn't making work - make it because that thing I love to do, the raison d'etre could be snapped away in a second. physically and well - actually.

Anyway, the haunted feeling wasn't for any old reason. Sure enough - i went looking for Kira's web site to look at her work - she was taken from us 2 years ago tomorrow.

There's nothing i can do about that other than to plead to stop violence against women, and celebrate her work please.
check out her art & remember her. She was spunky and strong. She was a punker, a great artists and designer - who i respected - did funny little dances in her studio, who everyone was just gravitated towards. Everyone wanted to know her, be close to her and her energy. She was a tremendous person - and I think the world lost a lot of it's flare and bragging rights without her. Anyway
since the day is coming - remember her work, love the people closest to you - and for cellular's sake - Make some art.

- I'd like to show you some of her work that i admired and pulled from her web site - and encourage you to go look at it. Maybe that way she can be here just a little longer. I can't think of anything to say, we were not even close - but something about her passing broke my heart in a way I can't describe. Perhaps it's because so many of us woman have had near misses with violence, walk that fine line.... or perhaps its because this woman shined so brightly, it was hard not to love the light from any distance.


Her Fine Art

Her design work

In loving memory of Kira Simonian
we really miss you

Now - o.k. - I hear you - time to make some crazy frogs.

June 22, 2009

Images of older work (that I'm re-visiting in the upcoming show)

After having my hardrive crash in my computer, I've learned to spread my important images everywhere I can - just in case!

so here's some work from my thesis show etc. (2008)

June 07, 2009

working on new work

I'm thinking about making each one of these frogs that use to be in the Riker boxes now in their own little individual yet rickity little coffins....

not sure where this is going yet, or why... just feels right at the moment. that or i've watched too many vampire movies one right after another...

trying to figure out if I can put together the lights, these guys, some drawings and the frogs in glasses all together. it make work and it might crash and burn...

let's see what the gallery people say.

June 03, 2009

Art off to see the Galleries!

On it's way to Visions Fine Art Gallery!

I need to clean the studio something fierce!!!!!! My allergies feel like murder on my face. I hate it. Anyway - the good news is that there is at least art going out the door! check out these babies... on their way to new wonderful homes

Art going to Mark's Wildlife gallery in PA

Art going to Silken Wool Gallery in NY

Sebastian has been helping me pack some orders.

Now I'm working on the Cannon Valley wall, organizing my office, paperwork, teaching outlines, Music director, a yard-art sale on the 13th (*coming up this month here) and an Art opening at Gallery 13 on August 7th.

Getting my work back from the Art Biologic show. no one bought my drawing... sad sad. - but not bad. I love that drawing and happy it's on its way home.

keep me posted on your worlds!