November 01, 2008


this is the other weird thing I like to do.

falling Bird Installation


This installation is about the absence of songbirds. It addresses the occasions when birds in the thousands have fallen from the sky due to environmental pollutants, mass toxic spills, war (during bombings, many birds drop from the sky in flames); and other tales of apprehension. This event has been reported around the world, repeatedly, and increasing frequency over the past 50 years. The reoccurring use of tissue is a reference to our skin and the thin membranes that all living things have. They define our form from the outside world, but are otherwise totally permeable. The work also addresses this veiled force of accumulation, and how pesticides conceal their malice behind the color white

Small Frog sculptures of mine

These are my shameless hit that I just can't shake. I really hate being called 'the frog lady'. The best I've ever heard was being called 'the orchid lady' - that was nice. But the deformed frog lady? seriously.
Anyway - despite not liking the name, I LOVE these guys. I don't know what direction these are going yet because there's so much I could do with them, yet because they are so personal and sweet to me, I'm not sure I really want to put them out there. I guess if the opportunity arises - we'll see what happens.


Here's a collection of my recent drawings & prints

Website emergency! - is being held hostage

Hello everyone.

so it turns out my web-site is being held hostage by a web-vulture. I don't know if i'll be able to get back again because the people asking for the ransom for it won't get back to me. How depressing.

In the mean time, as I was updating other images, I figured I should add images. etc.
so up coming will be more images soon.
take care