November 18, 2009

Go students Go!

see their work at the Science Museum of MN

Opening is Dec. 4th 2009  (6-8pm)

Show goes from Nov. 20 - Dec. 11th,   2009 

October 28, 2009

drawing more bugs

 So ever since that H•O•F album and touring the Science Museum of MN's collections, I've been drawing bugs.... and that's a good thing seeing I just got a show at the Phipps Center for the Arts (Jan. 27, 2012 - March 4th 2012.

It's pretty exciting. 

Almost as exciting as hugs from Dobermans!


October 19, 2009

latest place to see Abbi Art

At the busiest time of my life -
I drew 100 flies

.....  find out more at:

Art/Music/Film Event 2009
ART - Retrospective/Installation

HAZE XXL - 100 Disciples Art Show & HOF CD Release
Oct 22• CHRIS MARS Short Films
Live improvisational accompaniment by
Grant Hart • HAZE XXL • Shannon Selberg
Oct 23• GAY WITCH ABORTION Live performance in security cam vision
Oct 24 • H•O•F Live performance in security cam vision
Oct 25 • MELVINS Live performance in security cam vision

N.C.P.D.C.C.W. Oct.22-25 • 7-10 pm
4 days of multi media splooge brought to you by the
Workers Sensory Stimulation Committee

September 06, 2009

A new blog I am working on

Both to help me  - and my students of course!

August 27, 2009

Show's coming down early

There is a DJ event at Gallery 13, and we were just told we need to take our show down! So Mr. Crumple has to come home on Saturday.
:) I'm glad to have him back of course!

Tomorrow's your last day to see the my and Ben's work on display. Sports and Art, Science and Art - all in one place.

Check it out if you can.

August 21, 2009

work on exhibit at Gallery 13

Here is the work (Most of the work) - that is up at Gallery 13 through this week. It's only a 2 week show, so if you live in the area, i hope you can make it.

You can check out Abbi and Ben interviewed live on Art Matters for the next week as well.

Bad images, but well, I don't have a view screen on my camera either, so what can you do?

Close up photos of the installa

the 13 light intallation

the original drawings of Mr. Crumple

Ceramic sculpture

The show is only up for 2 weeks, one of which has passed, so I figured I'd give it an on-line pre-view.