July 13, 2008

rough day

What a week. My kiln died... not just one - but BOTH. and not just died... melted... the wiring. One right after the other and I've got to be at Highland Art Fest this Friday. So for those who will see me there, my product won't be up to what it should be - just because I'm sold out of everything, and it's in either the greenwear or bisque state.
At least I've got the baby of the house to help me.
(*Sebastian sleeping amongst the ceramic flowers.)

What worries me the most is that I have all the kids' ceramics from teaching that I have to have fired by the end of the week and I'm not sure how that's going to happen. I just don't want to let them down - no matter what.

I've decided that this student's depiction of the universe warping space/time is the brief - shortened - quicky - cliff note history of the universe. Take this Stephen Hawking!

So my work (art work) has hit a set back... a lead brick - but at least teaching, I'm doing something alright in teaching. But all the amazing stuff you do as a teacher never is on display, but tucked as little short burbs of 4 second "what we did todays" and maybe a memory or 2... i guess in the long run maybe that's longer... but not so good when you have a featured article coming out... but now work to show for it.

feeling low.
maybe it's just time to get some sleep.

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