June 03, 2009

Art off to see the Galleries!

On it's way to Visions Fine Art Gallery!

I need to clean the studio something fierce!!!!!! My allergies feel like murder on my face. I hate it. Anyway - the good news is that there is at least art going out the door! check out these babies... on their way to new wonderful homes

Art going to Mark's Wildlife gallery in PA

Art going to Silken Wool Gallery in NY

Sebastian has been helping me pack some orders.

Now I'm working on the Cannon Valley wall, organizing my office, paperwork, teaching outlines, Music director, a yard-art sale on the 13th (*coming up this month here) and an Art opening at Gallery 13 on August 7th.

Getting my work back from the Art Biologic show. no one bought my drawing... sad sad. - but not bad. I love that drawing and happy it's on its way home.

keep me posted on your worlds!

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