March 05, 2010

Small frog series for Anoka

So I thought I was taking a lot of pictures - but I wasn't. .....  so ummmm more tomorrow.

These guys are so tiny - I wonder how we are going to hang them?
title them????  
oh crap - and then I have to sign them!
oh well...

So this piece I seriously ruined - I should have stopped here - so lets pretend I did.  It was an "all day inspiration - that led me to disaster..  But I had a great conversation with one of my closest friends while drawing it - so it will always remind me of that, and craving potato chips.....  Eric - I'm sorry it wasn't a better drawing.  And Cell phone companies - I think you are jerks for not improving the signal.  I cannot hear my friend because the stupid phones do not fit my face and the signal blows.  Please universe - fix this. 

Here's my little helper today - very good art critic - she's hired!

Doberman Judging Art...

It looks a little folk-y doesn't it?  (the one below...)


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