May 16, 2010

looking for a friend for our funny valentine

Still patiently waiting for a friend for Seti. 
Ideally  - hoping to get a puppy.  that would be wonderful
But we;re trying rescue, shelters, everything.

6 months of search and no luck.
But we have started a dober-fund for the new little guy.  We have $1291.00 to go.   Saving our change.  We're (Ben and I are artists and freelance workers.  I teach, Ben does installs)

we love our girl so much... hope to find her a buddy soon.  Her best friend Remi (the min-pin next door) - is moving and she'll be all alone.

let me know if you have any contacts.

Ideally - we just want a Seti clone.... one just like her.  She is the light of my life

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