October 10, 2010

Visual Artists with the greatest impact

my friend's work - which will be a different 15 is a different list.  I have many!

here are the big boys and girls - no specific order - or spelling.  just do it phonetically people - (and I'm trying not to think too hard - just shoot from the hip

1.  Jim Henson  -->  http://www.henson.com/

2.  Goya
3.  Chris Mars
4. Hanna Hock

5.  Mel Chin

6.  Felix  Gonzolez Torres

7.  Cornellia Hess Honneger

8.  Artemisia Gentileschi
9.  Sandy http://www.sandyskoglund.com/ 

10.  Jane Alexander
11.  Georgia O Keefe

12.  Derek Hess

13.  Eva Hess

14.  Kara Walker

15.  Tim Burton

 +  (I can't do 15 - i fail - i kept thinking and definitely don't want to rank

Egon schiele
Barbra Kruger
Kathe Kholwits
 Camille Rose Garcia   - -  http://www.camillerosegarcia.com/
Jamie Hewitt
Lewie Khan
Gian Lorenzo Bernini -->  extasy of theresa

Honorable mention:  Dogs Playing Pool  ( for serious - don't mess with me)

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