May 10, 2011


Thoughts of a Bachelor of Science Student, Commencement 2011 from MCAD on Vimeo.

I was MENTIONED IN A GRADUATION SPEECH!!!  totally from one of the most amazing students I've had as well - I would wish that everyone could be this enthusiastic, fun, and excited about school?

Haven't had enough?  I haven't.  I get mentioned in another one too!

Here are some BLURRY PHOTOS of my Students who graduated this year. You won't be able to see a SINGLE ONE OF THEM - but my list of graduating seniors from MCAD - students that I have had - here they are

Hey - there's my DAD!!!! - the grey haired one - 2nd from the right.

Here come my VIS/BIS Kids!!!  so pretty!

Seniors - they look at us
 more seniors - looking at us - but we know what they are looking for............
the future?

They are looking for their moms!

 here are powerful people doing powerful things - to the Annie Drop back

MFA Graduation speech turned out to be a rock sermon 

O.k.  - Here's what matters  - these are all students I've had and I'm proud as all get out because I had them as students, and I'm one of those lucky people to say - in all seriousness - that they were all really wonderful lovely people - who I'm VERY PROUD OF.
I must be the luckiest lady in the world!

 Michael Aberman
 Laura Beaverson
 Raina Belleau

 Abbey Bentley

 Rebecca Burg
 Tara Carone

 Maura Doyle
 the chairs of the departments  - waiting for action..........
 Ryan Hagman

 James Kleiner

 Marc Manke

 Aeden (MO) McFadden

 Jeremy Ney
 Brain Nigus - Shaking Jerry's hand - and I find that kinda awesome

 Emily Relie

 Clara Reynolds
 Chris Santoso

 Seasons Seman
 Ben Severns

 Dan Sinclair
 Tousue Vang
 Emma Archbold
 Chris Collins
 Zamin Dharsi
 Louisa Fry
 Ben Kjos

 Derek Klamerus

 Ines Kovacvic
 Jamie Otto

Benjamin Kjos gives the commencement speech

Students winning the BIG BUCKS - who i was lucky enough to work with once

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