April 13, 2009

One of those months - Abbi v.s. the Kiln!
Dealing with a many ceramic set backs at the moments. Breaking, busting, glazing, explosions, kilns too small, cracking, shifting, surfaces, sealing, colors bleeding, salting, popping... all for a few nice red pieces.
But they are nice.... sooo nice. I wish I could afford my own work. When this gets to the gallery I hope they all go to great homes. They are taking far too long to make, but each piece - wow.... just so much work, but so worth it.

nervous about doing Junior Reviews tomorrow. I hope I can say something smart. :) One would hope.

In the mean time, here's work for the Cannon Valley Art donation wall. Need to get these orders out and then get these finished by the end of June... No pressure right?? Nope - TONS.

I feel Uber Busy right now.

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