April 04, 2009

I'm working on a new series with drawing my goldfish (R.I.P.) Mr. Crumpled

Here are some others that are in progress - not sure what I'm doing with them... start, finish, drop..


salmmon said...

abbi! abbi! you did these?! really? dang these are hot!
i don't think i have ever seen your 2D work beyond the perspective challenged examples in class (saying that in the best way possible).


Abbi Allan said...

haha, those were terrible drawings - but on the fly. You can't talk out loud and draw -that's why I'm beautiful when my mouth is shut sometimes. Yes, I really can draw. I LOVE your web site! those kitties are just awesome.

yup, but seriously, these are mine. That's mr. crumpled in all his glory.

how is your work coming along? Being amazing as per usual?