September 17, 2010

365 days of NO - learning to take the art of regection as part of the science of getting yourself out there

The rules
- I need to apply to a show everyday.  in the case of emergency - i can make it up the next day

-  I will take my physical health as seriously as i take this project.  I've gained weight, my skins a wreck, I feel like crap honestly because of all the stress - the summer from hell, a SERIOUS stab in the back by my former mentor that broke my heart, the death of my dearest friends Vickers, and 2 next door neighbors - it feels like death is sitting too close to me on the bus and trying to get closer.  I've gotten fat, ugly and tired
don't believe me?
don't make me take a picture of my legs for you

I need to take care of myself better.

3)  The REAL goal of all of this is to get acceptance letters. 


but here's where I keep track:

9/16/10 - THE JEROME:  a show I've been applying for since I was 18.
this is a definite NO for sure. 
good place to start.

so here's what I'm sending  (reverse order)
fingers crossed

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