September 19, 2010

day 364-3 of no

Great day teaching
never ending days in the studio

realized on poor Ben's 30th birthday how grtesque I've become
"Making it be" which i haven't been - has been allowing me to eat and drink mself into this state of ish,,,,,
and I mean yuck.  very very very yuck - I won't even turn around for the 3 rippples of celluight I use to fear
now - it's everything.  every inch of myeslf

oh well
time to get down to work
and so much of t.  Tonight I finshed u at 3:09am - so i can be bright and bushy at 8am
good times
need to load the kiln before that and need new shelves and posts to do the impossible before that.

fingers crossed

best and only thing out of the kiln today was acid humming bird

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