April 04, 2010

The door - a day and a half to finish

So I'm close - but my studio is a wreck!

I've got 7 different projects in the works, and if that isn't enough to make you crack - another pledge drive radio show, class to prep for, grades to post, taxes to start and it's my father's birthday in a minute or 2.

The best part of my day EASILY outside walking my faithful steed Seti (the doberman) - is working on this door.  I now know this is a major risk project for me - I.e. - I'm trying something new.   The Screen of the surface easily has 12 layer on each side.  paper and paper died in wine, and acrylic paint...  lots of varnish...  A LOT of MONEY at this point and an insane amount of time.  But all for a good cause

Sometimes I'm super excited, and just can't wait to work, and then I'll have this idea... and freeze.
put it up
live with it, get nervous, want to vomit.
Walk away - come back
Elated thinking I'm wonderfully creative  - and then thinking I'm an idiot and everyone will hate me for this idea.

So - I guess it's up to you.
What do you think?

There are a few flying bird drawings that need to go on it

more of the drawings of the paper cranes, and of course, papercranes on the base.  I'm waiting for 3 more birds to dry.

they should all be ready and done by Monday. 


Lindagail said...

You are an incredibly talented and creative artist. I love it! Beautifully done.

Neal Spinler said...

This is amazing Abbi. Thank you so much for your generosity. We are all so excited to see it!

Neal Spinler - Director of Marketing at Pillsbury House Theatre.