July 26, 2011

students make you think twice - my HUGE nose!

today i was teaching about Ancient Egypt - and about how both Men and Women wore make eye - eye make up in particular.  We talked about the science of light deflection  / and being absorbed in dark pigment.... 
and then I mentioned.... "oh yes, and it makes your eyes pop - the window to the soul" to bring you to the gods - connect to the gods.  I wore eye liner today - to bring attention to your my eyes, was that one of the first things that you noticed?"


"o.k. - most people then notice my earrings...."


"what did you notice?" I ask

"you're HUGE NOSE!"

most people would be offended...  most people would think and worry, most people .....  well, honestly,i have no idea what most people would do.  but my first thought was "wow, that is the smallest feature of myself, the one most ignorable.  My God!  this kid is a social genius!..  totally able to find the part of one self one worries about least, and make it a worry.... this is like a super power - cool".

my outward response was one who has worked this job too long.
"yup - what's wrong with that? people see what interest them."

walking away i think
"whoa....  brilliant.  terrible dangerous - brilliant"

and I have more work to do. My spider sense tell me this is going to be one heck of a week.  this was just a monday

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