July 30, 2011

yes yes - I'm certain that was meant to be there = Citizen Cafe is my new favorite place!

WIt was a long LONG  - difficult week

new class, projects - from 8am - 5:30 + all performance based, and dancing under the flying bullets of young, smart, and "I'm DONNNNNEEE" minds.

sSo.............  if there is something that is stuck to me that I am un aware of - what ever.......  I meant to do that.  yes.... um...... yes, i like it there.

Sooooooo - the Citizen CAFE = THE BEST!!!

 The best Portabella  mushroom sandwich and chips in the world.
Great pre-sa-tizers
and the price is too good to be true

But what I really want to send my LOVE out to is - the service!

so When Ben and I decided to go out -  turns out our waitress use to be a camp councilor -  and I use to have to be a waitress - wait wait - no, not as cool as that.  I learned that working the down town lunch hour for the Legal and Government people was worse than being a "lunch lady". There were no tips.  pennies shuffled out of fists like a tight accidental shit when the opposite of "broken heart-ed" occurs.

So when we sat down, and the waitress goes  = "Oh, is that part of your uniform?"
me - thinking  - handprint on my butt?  smudge? someone's name? a glob of paint, clay?..... boogers, pink eye..????

"I'm certain what ever it is, yes"

"a beetle?"

"I was teaching Egypt camp - let me tell you about Scarabs - i.e. - the dung beetle"

at that point, the little girl behind me turns around, and jumps out of her chair into her father's arms

"what to - right away  - what ever is cheap please - I can''t do anything - so cheap - oho ooh  -Malbec I love that!"


Ben gets out his, I'm seeking mine.... girl is pointing............
I hand her my I-D- thanking her.

at this point she realizes the June Bug on my back is not art - but a stowaway.

MyID = Insect get the fuck off her.

and now is a friend of he Citizen Cafe

Now - Why are they the BEST??

#3) - They did not blame me or make me feel bad about the critter crawled on me
#4)  even better - the waitress TOTALLY understood that kind of tired where you figure "if it's on my body, a child put it there, and they just want to be cared about - care of you - and will die for anything to know you care back. Hence why - never EVER hurt a child.

#5 )  -extra pour for the day I had and the mutal understanding

#6) - she's willing to give up Friday night tips because her kids are in sports / after school whatever  now.

that takes soul

so Citizen CAfe - I LOVE YOU

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