August 10, 2008

Joe's potential commision

Horray!!! Joe Likes it!!
This is no-longer available in my studio. Joe is a long time supporter and friend from way back when I had a video made of myself and my work on HGTV. Every so often it is aired again, and I get a few inquieries - but none like Joe. He's the best. All the way out on the East Coast and far away from any galleries I currently have, I am happy to work with Joe. I rarely do commisions these days and prefer to work through galleries I have, but Joe's a special case. Anything for this guy.

Sorry for all the spelling errors - I'm on my way off to one teaching meeting after another. booo.... boring day. meetings meetings meetings... they make the world go round.

Dear Joe.
Let me know if you think this will work
for what you were thinking.

This has been my favorite piece made
in quite some time
It's the work that everyone stops at and oooohhhs and Ahhs.
about 13" in diameter.
Light greens, dark greens, golds, ambers... and a sunrise form. meaning one side is a little higher than the other - the face is tipped upward for maximum drama from different angles.
9" tall on it's highest petal.

Let me know if this is what you had in mind. If not - I can go right back to the drawing board.
take care

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