August 04, 2008

Work going to galleries as we speak....

I still really miss my pet family. Doing alright today. Lots of new galleries. I'll be posting the work once it goes out of which pieces are at which galleries. That way you know where to buy the work.

For example:

This piece:
This is going to be at Beyond Dimensions Fine Art Gallery in Dover, DE.

This is an amazing little piece -and there will never be one as perfect because that pink color that's in the center of the work - edged by green - I don't know what's happened to that glaze - but it does not flow like that anymore. chunky and arggg!!! it just won't blend like it did this one time... I don't know, I had magical moment or something. this is a one of a kind, signed... Really extraordinary! This gallery has been a long time supporter of my work - so I'm very pleased this amazing work with just a perfect little base on it is going there.

god, I love this piece. Who ever owns this beauty owns a big slice of my best efforts in that work. sigh.... Who ever snags it is one lucky ducky.

Anyway - I'm about to pack up... Looking forward to the drive home... Seeing Ben's parents, my brother.... and I'm more than sure my parents are looking forward to returning my Seti to me.
more posted soon

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