August 03, 2008


These frogs have all been sold but have been very popular. I guess I'm going to have to make a lot more. China Treasures in Wayzata, MN. will have these guys along with a few more.

These Irises are going really well as well. the 2 white ones in the middle I'm giving to my mom, and the top right hand one just sold as well.
- I have 6 left.

This is such a cool piece I've had for a while that Ben found when we were merging studios this summer. Beautiful enamel job on this one and the yellows are amazing. This one reminds me of the first crocuses of the spring that you see.

No picture does this work justice I'm afraid. It's a strange color. Soft whites, greens and grays inside and a deep green exterior with feathered base. Great lily form with a wide open Iris mouth to it.

This frog has been long sold... I just like him. Figured I'd put another picture up of him.

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