August 03, 2008

More images from the Philadelphia Buyers Market

This is the last Dragonfly I have left.

These wall hanging dragonflies are becoming one of my favorite objects. They are so hard to get into the kiln before they are fired for the first time. You can just feel the weight of those wings pulling and I sweat as I scurry across the studio floor to get these in the kiln before the wings fall off - but it's so worth if once it's fired. The glazing and the final results... I just love them. They bring a wall to life.
This one Dragonfly is now sold. 12:20pm 8/3/08. So are the other 3 that I brought.

Here's another new thing I'm trying. Putting my flowers into sculptural paintings of sorts. With Tissue behind them in the background to accent the idea of living forms, tissue, tails, feathers, fluidity etc...

Oh! I just was told the best suggestion a few seconds ago by this wonderful family that has been long time collectors of my work. Just a fabulous artistic family! Anyway - they just suggested that I call these "Butterfly Collections" - which makes so much sense - seeing I walk past one at the museum I teach at everyday... That makes so much sense.
Oh! Now I have TONS of ideas for these.
o.k. - so that's what these are called now. 'Butterfly Collections".
I love it.


Aaron said...
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Aaron said...

"Butterfly Collections" looks even better in person!